Alpha Dam Sp. z o.o. has been engaged in manufacturing professional waterproof and moisture insulation materials for the construction industry for over ten years.  Until 2008, our basic product was a simple Damp Proof Course made of polyethylene.

Within five years, we managed to establish a strong position on the market of moisture insulation materials in Europe.

Currently, the dominating activities include manufacturing innovative products for building insulation. We managed to create and market many attractive products designated for insulation of foundations, walls and roofs. While manufacturing our products, we apply advanced technologies, which allow combination of various materials and therefore obtaining products with a number of useful features.

The major goal while creating a new product is its innovation. We also want our products to be better than those available on the market, to meet strict requirements of contractors at construction sites and be safe for people and the environment.


Equipment and systems used at our production lines are non-standard.  The majority of them is designed, and often also manufactured, internally and designated for creation of our own products.