AlphaThor is very reliable and stable three-layer waterproofing membrane. EPDM rubber, which is resistant to UV and ozone, is a top layer. Core is reinforced with a fibreglass grid.

 Bottom layer is enclosed with special protective layer. Everything creates reliable, highly flexible, UV and ozone resistant top waterproofing layer. AlphaThor may be fixed mechanically to almost any substrate. It may be also fixed using glue to various surfaces on flat roofs, terraces and balconies. AlphaThor is ideal for new layers as well as for renovation of old waterproofing layers. AlphaThor membrane thickness - 1.3 mm. Internal layer made of fibreglass ensures unique breaking strength and dimensional stability even in extreme weather conditions.


AlphaThor may be easily and reliable connected by welding strips of the membrane with hot air.

In such way we obtain watertight and safe waterproofing membrane.


AlphaThor - benefits only:

• laying, connecting method and detailing similar to PVC and bitumen membranes

• connection of strips by welding with hot air

• membrane is completely or partially bonded with the substrate, high adhesion of the membrane to the substrate is ensured by mechanical assembly or use of the appropriate glue

• use of simple tools

• very robust, what is important during installation of the membrane

• membrane may be laid in very low temperatures